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What We Do & How We Can Help

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

By TABER Asset Management

Our founder, Bill Taber, started TABER Asset Management after he realized his passion for helping others.

He learned the importance of financial planning with one of his very first clients, his dad. Bill’s dad worked hard his entire life and wanted to retire financially secure, but he didn’t understand how investments could help him get there. With Bill’s help, he was able to find ways to increase his investment income and live the comfortable life in retirement that he desired. While his goals were modest, the impact was huge.

This passion for helping others is what drives our firm and sets us apart from other advisors.

Who We Are

We at TABER Asset Management specialize in working with business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals, helping them decipher the many aspects of financial planning. We focus on comprehensive investment research to provide guidance that is tailored to your needs and offered under a fiduciary standard.

“What is a fiduciary standard?” you might wonder.

Generally, a fiduciary is someone who acts on behalf of someone else. In the world of investments, a fiduciary is someone who makes investment decisions on behalf of another person. Most importantly, being a fiduciary means putting the client’s best interests first and above all else.

We have structured our firm to be legally and ethically bound to do what’s right for our clients, and we take the responsibility of being a fiduciary seriously.

Who We Serve

Through our comprehensive financial planning approach, we help a variety of clients—from entrepreneurs and small business owners working on growing their wealth to pre-retirees and retirees focused on income distribution.

We understand that our clients might not have the time or knowledge to manage their investments! Because of this, we do all the heavy lifting—starting with custom portfolios based on our clients’ unique needs.

We also enjoy forging multi-generational relationships with our clients. We have the privilege of working with clients’ children and grandchildren through the years. We treat our clients like family and truly enjoy spending time with them!

How We Can Help

TABER Asset Management serves as your committed financial partner, meaning that we can help with a wide range of financial concerns—from 401(k) rollovers to investment planning to retirement planning to everything in between. As fiduciaries, all our investment advice is custom-tailored to your needs and we always serve in your best interest. Our most popular services include:

  • Retirement benefit account analysis, including discussing 401(k)s versus self-directed IRAs

  • Investment planning; choosing strong, reliable producers that are both sound and healthy companies

  • Financial plans for anything life throws your way

  • Risk-adjusted portfolios (because your investments should always align with your risk tolerance)

  • Retirement planning, including income distribution and estate planning

  • Creating wealth, which includes setting yourself up for financial success both now and down the road

  • Managing wealth and working with you to create a unique income maximization plan

What Makes Us Unique

In a way, what makes us unique is really what makes our strategies so simple: We make investment and financial planning decisions based on your goals. (And we don’t invest in anything for our clients that we wouldn’t choose for ourselves!) You want a partner who has a proven record of not only helping clients achieve their goals but one who completely understands your current situation and will do everything possible to help you realize your goals.

Through this goals-based approach, we build long-term relationships with clients and provide an unmatched level of service to them and their families.

Let’s Plan Your Future

When you think of your financial future, you might not know where to start; we want to change that for you. In all we do, we put your needs first and serve as the fiduciary you can trust. Get started today by scheduling a 15-minute intro phone call online or reaching out to us at 515-557-1860 or

About Bill

Bill Taber is President and Founder of TABER Asset Management, an independent, fiduciary wealth management firm that strives to do one thing well: manage their clients’ money by creating wealth, building wealth, growing income, and preserving capital so they can experience financial freedom. With more than four decades of experience, Bill is dedicated to building relationships with his clients and their families and walking alongside them as they navigate financial decisions. His favorite days are the ones when he gets to witness the joy and relief on his clients’ faces when they realize they can pursue their dreams and live their ideal lifestyles. Bill is known for going the extra mile, getting things done with integrity, and working with a stewardship mentality.

Bill graduated from the University of Iowa with a bachelor’s degree in business administration and fell in love with the profession when he got to help one of his first clients—his father—turn his lifetime of hard work into a dream retirement. He got his start in the industry as a corporate services representative for Bankers Trust Company and spent decades working as Assistant Vice President of E.F. Hutton & Co. and First Vice President of Principal Financial Securities. He is also a graduate of the E-Myth Worldwide Mastery Business Development Program and is Series 65 registered.

In his spare time, Bill enjoys giving back to his community and served 11 years as a member of the Board of Trustees of Broadlawns Medical Center and 14 years as a Community Representative to their Board Finance Committee. He is also one of the founding members of the Greater Des Moines Connections Mentoring Program. When he’s not working, you can often find Bill spending time with his family and participating in one of his many hobbies, which include traveling to national parks, presidential libraries, and foreign countries; reading non-fiction; and practicing yoga, Pilates, and meditation. He also loves the simple joys of listening to music, going for walks or bike rides, and watching James Bond 007 films and any movie starring his favorite actress, Meryl Streep. To learn more about Bill, connect with him on LinkedIn.

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