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Financial Calculators

Convenient Tools to Help You Plan

Organizing your finances can feel a bit confusing with the variety of investment types and considerations that go in to properly preparing for your future financial needs. Whether it’s determining how you’ll save for college or estimating your life insurance needs, there is an easier way to find the numbers you are searching for.

Below, you’ll find a wide range of financial calculators that will be helpful as you take steps to gather figures to plan your investments. However, please note that the calculators are strictly for estimation and generalization uses for your investment and financial calculations. If you’d like to get a more detailed and accurate portrayal of these numbers and to learn how they can affect your investments and determine how they fit into your financial status, give TABER Asset Management a call to speak with a fiduciary based advisor.

Clicking the financial calculator links below, you will be taken to a new page outside the TABER Asset Management Website.

Federal Income Tax Calculator By Year
Advanced Roth IRA Conversion Calculator
Auto Loan Payment Calculator
Business Succession Strategy Calculator
Buying a Home (Mortgage Payment) Calculator
Buy-Sell Agreement Calculator
Cost of Health Care in Retirement Calculator
Debt Consolidation Calculator
Debt Payoff Optimization Calculator
Disability Income Needs Calculator
Federal Estate Tax Estimator
Federal Gift Tax Estimator
Federal Income Tax Estimator By Year
Immediate Annuity Calculator
Investor Profile and Asset Allocation Calculator
Life Insurance Needs Calculator
Loan Amortization Calculator
Loan/Mortgage Payment Adjustment Calculator
Long-Term Care Needs Calculator
Net Unrealized Appreciation (NUA) Calculator
Net Worth Calculator
Out-of-Pocket Cost of Pre-Tax Contributions Calculator
Personal Cash Flow Worksheet
Portfolio Withdrawal Calculator
Reaching Your Investment Goal Calculator
Reaching Your Investment Goal: Contributions Needed Calculator
Retirement Income Calculator
Retirement Savings Calculator
Retirement Savings Multi-Scenario Calculator
Retirement Sustainable Withdrawal Rate Accumulation Projection
RMD (Lifetime Required Distributions: Traditional IRAs) Calculator
Roth IRA Conversion Calculator
Roth IRA Conversion Calculator (Advanced)
Roth IRA Future Value Calculator
Saving for College Calculator
Saving for Retirement: Contributions Needed Calculator
Saving or Investing Calculator
Simple Sustainable Withdrawal Projector
Social Security Break Even Calculator
Social Security Retirement Benefit Calculator - Married Couples
Taxable vs. Tax-Free Bonds Calculator
The Impact of Inflation on Investment Returns Calculator
Traditional IRA Future Value Calculator
Traditional vs. Roth IRA Calculator

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