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Investment Research & Management

Proper Investment Begins with Research

Proven, disciplined research is the backbone for successful investing and attaining your financial goals. That’s why we utilize time-tested, bottom-up research that is crafted around your specific needs, values, and goals. We follow an All-Cap strategy, meaning we invest in companies without discriminating based on their size. In doing so, we utilize a "think outside of the style-box" method of investing.

On average, our accounts consist of 10-30 holdings, allowing us to provide a concentrated investment strategy versus a more diversified approach. Within this strategy we are active investors, constantly monitoring our investments to foster profitable conditions.

At TABER Asset Management, when we take a look at potential investments we approach it with an open mind. We are fiduciaries, not tied to any particular products or services, so we aren’t going after the trendy, ever-shifting investments. Instead, we choose sound, reliable companies that have a track record of producing results.

This also gives us full confidence in our range of investments, leaving you with multiple options when developing your personal investment strategy.

Nowadays it’s so common for investors and investment professionals alike to fall into the trap of media driven fear-based decisions because of a volatile market. That’s where our experience plays such a big role, and why it’s so important that we develop a relationship with our clients. It’s in these times that we are able to advise and collaborate when an uneasy feeling arises. Setting long-term, realistic and strategic goals means that regardless of what the market is doing in a particular timeframe, there can be greater stability in staying the course we have laid out together.

It is through this fiduciary based approach to investment management that we are able to achieve your goals, whether it’s paying for a child’s education, planning for retirement, or leaving behind money for loved ones.

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Contact us if you have any questions about our approach, our services, or simply want to set up a time to meet and learn if we’re a good fit for you.

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