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Retirement Planning

Preparing You for a Secure Retirement

Planning for the later chapters in life is a lot like preparing for a marathon in that it requires a certain amount of effort and planning to ensure you end up with the best results. Just like preparing for a marathon, you wouldn’t go out and run 20 miles on your first day of training; you slowly accumulate miles as the days and weeks pass leading up to race day. Developing a retirement plan involves a similar approach. You sit down and assess where you are currently and determine a course of action to achieve the goals you have set. In this case, reaching retirement age with financial resources that will outlive you.

From individual retirement plans, rolling over your company’s generous matching contributions or any number of other types of retirement accounts, our fiduciary advisors are able to help you determine a strategy to meet your retirement goals so that when it’s time to transition, you’re ready.

Working together, we will get to know where you currently stand, establish goals and objectives for your retirement and develop a recommendation of rising income and stable value investments. From there, we execute the strategy and determine an ongoing plan to maintain it.

It’s never too late to start planning for retirement, and while you could be anywhere from a few years to a few decades away from retirement, what you do now could strongly impact how satisfying your retirement turns out to be.

When you develop a retirement plan with TABER Asset Management, we’ll work together to think through every facet of retirement, taking into account everything from your health status to what your plans are once you’re fully retired. All of the time spent planning for retirement helps us ensure that our fiduciary advisors fully grasp your goals and paint the picture of what you want your later years to look like.

Retirement can be a time to travel, be involved with community or faith-based activities, and/or develop new interests and hobbies to maintain your sharpness of mind and body. With a well-crafted plan in place, you are able to do just that, taking full advantage of the freedom to schedule your time as you so choose.

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