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Portfolio Management

Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, and Retirement

Portfolio management at TABER Asset Management is very much a delicate balancing act between an art and a science. As it is with many other investment services, portfolio management doesn’t have a one-size-fits-all option. Nor should you want something of that nature. It’s your money, so why not make it work for your financial goals and objectives?

Specifically tailored to your unique situation, our fiduciary advisors understand what goes into making the right decisions regarding your investment mix while continuing to keep your investment goals, objectives and balanced risk at the forefront.

We then integrate our view of the ever-changing market with your specific needs to end up with a portfolio that is uniquely yours, working to help you create, grow, and preserve your wealth.

As we work together over time, alterations to your goals and objectives will inevitably come, and when they do, we’ll take another look at everything that is changing and re-tool your portfolio to realign with your goals.

When developing long-term strategies with our clients, there are a number of things to consider not just at the beginning, but throughout the life of your investments because these factors are fluid and will likely change multiple times throughout your life:

  1. Income Needs – Your income needs change depending on your stage in life, so when you enter a new stage, we’ll reassess your portfolio to accommodate your new needs.

  2. Your Timeline – With every passing day we get one day closer to retirement, so your time horizon is constantly changing. However, your time horizon can be based on a number of other goals as well, so different investments may have different timelines and objectives that you’re aiming to meet.

  3. Investment Goals – Goals will most certainly change as you age, and with those changes, we’ll need to make the appropriate updates to ensure you are always on track to achieve them.

  4. Outside Assets and Income – Your portfolio may not be your only assets and income, but they are critical pieces to constructing a comprehensive portfolio. Even if they aren’t a part of our work together, they could have a major impact on our approach.

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