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See a Sample Financial Plan

By Anastasia Taber

If you’re like most people, you may have thought, “Am I making the right steps with my finances?” Rather than continuing to wonder, why not get a professional opinion? As a financial planner, my goal is to bring confidence and clarity to your financial decisions. 

My journey as a financial planner began with an epiphany as my dad and I were in conversation driving down Fleur Drive in Des Moines, IA. I wished my friends—Millennials who are becoming successful in their careers but who have many personal finance questions—could listen to the perspective and advice my dad shared after 40 years in the investment business. As we drove along, I realized I could replicate this conversation in the form of a podcast, and Creating Wealth was born in April 2020. After one year of episodes, I understood that helping others by sharing our perspective could make a fulfilling career, and in April 2021, I joined TABER Asset Management as an Associate Advisor. I immediately started working on obtaining my CFP® certification because, at its core, financial planning is about helping others—and doing so with integrity, honesty, diligence, and skill.

In today’s age of information, financial issues have grown more complex. In the midst of a sea of online advice, the approach at TABER Asset Management stands out by the way we tailor recommendations to each client’s unique goals, values, and perspectives. Taking the time to create a framework during the financial planning process allows us to provide personalized advice so clients can confidently work toward their financial goals.

As fiduciaries at TABER Asset Management, we are bound by legal obligation to prioritize your best interests. Because we operate on a fee-only basis, we do not earn commissions from product sales, which reinforces our commitment to recommendations that truly support your financial well-being.

What’s a Financial Plan?

In a comprehensive financial plan, we spend time getting to know you, your values, and your dreams, and we end with specific recommendations on how to arrange your finances to live your best possible life. 

We cover each of the major areas of financial planning, which includes a financial assessment (creating a net worth statement), retirement planning, cash flow planning, education funding, portfolio building and investment analysis, insurance planning, tax planning, and estate and long-life planning. Through the process, you can expect to walk away with an understanding of where you are and what you need to do based on your goals and values. 

We also use the latest financial planning software to run cash flow projections of your current course of action and recommend a plan that customizes those scenarios to your specific objectives. Our approach is collaborative, and our goal is to bring you confidence in your financial decisions.  

What’s the Process Like?

The first step begins with an initial phone call lasting 30 minutes to determine the leading questions you’d like to have answered so we can learn information about your finances and situation. It’s our chance to decide if we’re a good fit for each other.

Once we have agreed upon developing a comprehensive plan together, our next step is to send you a formal engagement letter and contract to be signed. We gather information and documents from you to begin the planning process. In our first meeting, we go over your documents and learn about your goals and values. In the next two meetings, we cover each of the financial planning areas, dive into financial software projections, and provide specific recommendations on how to optimize your financial life. Once the meetings are completed, we deliver the financial plan document to you.

See a Sample Financial Plan

Below is a sample financial plan that reflects our planning process. It looks at a fictional client’s financial life and how we developed it, including identifying their goals, creating a balance sheet, reviewing their cash flow, and more. 

Keep in mind that this is only a hypothetical plan presented to illustrate what a client’s plan may resemble should they work with us. The characters and circumstances are completely fictional and are for illustrative purposes only. Be sure to seek the advice of a qualified professional for your particular situation and not rely upon any of the information here to make personal financial decisions. 

Let’s Connect!

You can view the complete sample plan here. After your review, give us a call; we can discuss how we can create a tailored financial plan for your unique circumstances. Reach out by scheduling a 15-minute intro phone call online, calling us at (703) 380-0968, or emailing

About Anastasia

Anastasia Taber is an Associate Advisor and leads the financial planning services division at TABER Asset Management, an independent, fiduciary wealth management firm that strives to do one thing well: manage their clients’ money by creating wealth, building wealth, growing income, and preserving capital so they can experience financial freedom. Anastasia has a Bachelor of Arts in English with a minor in Chinese from Georgetown University, is a candidate for CFP® certification, and has years of experience working for one of the largest REITS in the U.S., as well as in property management and accounting at a global law firm in Washington, D.C. Anastasia is passionate about exceeding her clients’ expectations and building caring, long-term relationships based on trust. She is known for being detail-oriented and committed to excellence in her work. Anastasia is a co-host on the Creating Wealth podcast. To learn more about Anastasia, connect with her on LinkedIn.

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