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Anastasia Joins TABER Asset Management

TABER Asset Management is proud to announce that Bill’s daughter, Anastasia Taber, is joining the firm as an Associate Advisor. Anastasia passed the Series 65 examination in April 2021 and is licensed and registered to provide investment advice. She is currently studying to become a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) to provide comprehensive financial plans.

Anastasia graduated from Georgetown University in 2013 and has lived in Des Moines, Washington D.C., Los Angeles, and Beijing, China. As an avid science fiction reader and writer, she is particularly drawn to seeing trends and predicting how the world will change. She is excited to learn Bill’s approach to portfolio management and to participate in an industry that is ever-evolving.

As an introduction to Anastasia, we asked her a few questions below:

What led you to be interested in switching careers into financial services?

The previous jobs I had touched on various aspects related to finance – in one of them, I worked for one of the largest REITs in the country. I worked in property management, and then in accounting at a global law firm. I have always sought out a macro understanding of the industries I have worked in, and it turns out this desire is a very natural fit in the investment world. TABER allows me to work with families and see the direct, positive impact that my efforts have. It’s work imbued with purpose and meaning.

How did you use the time during the COVID-19 pandemic to better yourself?

Like so many others, the pandemic occurred at a rough time. I was recently engaged. We had put a deposit down on a venue in Des Moines, then the world shut down. We decided to postpone our full wedding, but went ahead and purchased a home near Washington D.C. and held a ceremony in our new beautiful backyard. What we learned was: It may not be how you pictured it, but it can turn out better than you imagined.

In April 2020, I became a guest interviewer for a personal finance podcast, Creating Wealth, with Bill. Recording those episodes helped me realize I had a natural interest in the industry. I used the extra time afforded by a shut-down economy to study for the Series 65 exam and formally join TABER Asset Management.

Why did you join TABER Asset Management?

When Bill said he wasn’t a micro-manager--I kid. Though there is something to say about having a boss who understands how to nurture talent. I have always looked up to my dad. Working with one’s family is not for everyone, but one of the biggest pros is the absolute trust and shared values we bring to our work and family lives.

What elements of your personality do you bring to your work character?

I like to get things done. I take pride in good work. I am detail-oriented (a good thing, I hear, in finance) and thorough. Without a doubt, the “Iowa nice” gene has been bred thoroughly into my DNA. Integrity and compassion are a must. Thankfully, my fellow TABER associates share those qualities in spades.

Any last thoughts?

I am excited to work in this industry. I am not a carbon copy of my dad, but we share all of the important qualities, I think, when it comes to financial advising—an analytical mindset, attention to detail, compassion, and trust. Over the years, I have gone to him for financial advice and his advice was always delivered with my best interest in mind. I often passed some of this knowledge to friends, which shows the impact that a good financial advisor can have.

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